Oman – Muscat/Salalah

18th May 2018

Oman – an enchanting country and people with a rich heritage and a pride in its ancient history. Very different to Dubai and Abu Dhabi but we love the feel of the old middle east here. It also boasts some truly luxurious hotels, rugged mountains, deserts and stunning beaches. The capital Muscat is charming and home to the wonderful Chedi hotel where we have enoyed its splendid hospitality on a number of occasions.
In the south of the country is the developing resort area of Salalah where the beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. You will be amazed how few people are on the beach – perfect for year round sunshine!
Not forgetting the magical experience of the Desert Camps, which will immediately transport you back to the Arabian Nights of old where you can experience the sunset sitting on the top of a dune and dine under a night sky filled with a thousand and more stars.

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