Australia/New Zealand  

7th June 2018

Having been fortunate enough to travel to Australia and New Zealand a number of times for business and a couple of holidays we feel we know a bit about ‘down under’. Sydney has to be one of the worlds most visually stunning cities, the sea, Harbour Bridge and Opera House are amazing sights and the city has the vibrancy, culture and restaurants to match. Of the major cities we have visited Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne are all well worth going to, different in their own ways.
New Zealand looks a hop away but is in fact a 3 hour flight from Sydney, it feels like you have reached the edge of the world by the time you get there but so worth it for a land so diverse and beautiful. Beaches, mountains, volcanoes, such a diverse country where you can scuba dive, ski, mountain climb – the world in one place.

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