Greek Islands

11th June 2018

For us nothing says laid back, easy going summer holiday quite as much as the Greek Islands.  We’ve stayed solely on one island, or the coast of the main land over the years, kicking back and enjoying local life, trying out the traditional dishes in a different taverna each evening, all washed down with what is now surprisingly good Greek wine! Island hopping couldn’t be easier with the new smart, timely ferries which are as affordable and easy as catching a bus, whether that’s around the Ionian, the Sporades or our particular favourites the Cyclades islands, every few days a new white washed odyssey against the contrast of the sparkling turquoise waters.  Or if filling your boots on the mind blowing history & mythology of Greece is your thing, then Athens is really not to be missed, the Parthenon and the new museum of Athens were our true highlights, closely following by the romanticism, not to mention the captivating view of the Acropolis by night, from the roof top restaurant of the Grand Bretagne hotel in Syntagma Square.

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